Is Your Newspaper Direct Mail Program Working? Take The Test.

Posted by Stephen Jensen on Aug 26, 2015 10:56:44 AM

Direct Resources Group – Seattle, WA.

Here's a quiz to determine the health of your current newspaper direct mail program:

  • Do you mail a control package and multiple test variations?
  • Do you test and measure list segments, offers, and package formats with each mailing?
  • Do you track the frequency and type of mailings received by each household in your prospecting database?
  • Do you rotate your packages to former subscribers more than once a year?
  • Are you prepared to change your control if necessary?

If you answered “no” to most or all of these questions, there is a good chance your mail program is heading for a crash. But don’t worry. There’s still time to make the necessary adjustments.

Direct marketing is a science. It’s predicated on the ability to test variables and measure results in a controlled manner. Everything else is just advertising in an envelope. When properly executed, long-term CPO targets can be realized. By including simple testing, your prospects let you know what offers and package formats work best. This allows you to build a library of cost-effective mail packages so you’re ready to fill the void once your current control begins to fail.

But testing doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming. Some of the most meaningful tests involve simple copy changes, or doing something basic like comparing an envelope teaser against a blind outer envelope. The point is to test and document everything so you can gradually and consistently improve your mail packages. Because without testing, you’re just guessing.

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Stephen Jensen

Written by Stephen Jensen

After several years working in the direct marketing field, Stephen co-founded Direct Resources Group with Scott Zorn in 1993. Today, he manages a variety of customer retention and acquisition programs for clients such as T-Mobile and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as donor acquisition and renewal programs for a variety of non-profit organizations.